Dienstag, 9. November 2010

Schmuck-Mensch des Tages

Sofia Bjorkman


Zu ihrer Dark Black-Serie zu der die letzten beiden Stücke gehören sagt sie folgendes:

A serie of jewellery pieces in mixed media, such as 3D-printing, find objects, casted silver, painting and more.
The last year has been mostly dark black.
The oil discharge in Gulf of Mexico has sullied beaches black.
The ash cloud from volcano Eyjafjallajökul eruption in Iceland put much of Europe in a greyish mist. Russia’s forest fires as well as street fires in Paris, blacken woods and hearts.
Financial crisis have made black holes in every man’s wallet.
While this is going on, the humans are revelling in glamour. The desire for power and status hide our true needs. The large stones glitter dazzles our everyday lives.
I look around me.
I will not forget.

Vor allem die Home-Sachen sind grandios. Zu sehen auf: http://www.sofiabjorkman.se!

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