Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

Schmuck-Mensch des Tages

Adam Grinovich

Davon bin ich großer Fan. Spontan, archaisch, chaotisch und irgendwie emotional und was er dazu sagt ist auch gut:

My work is an investigation into the ability of objects. It is a constant question of
history, formation, prehistory, marks, and value. I’m looking for the connecting threads.
The ability of an object to become dear to you at the first moment of recognition.
The remnants of a destructive process. The poetry of a banal moment. The violence
crystallized into a diamond. I’m searching for a history before the process to capture the
glamour of a moment and freeze it in stone, to care for something by smashing It apart on all sides.
I’m looking for the value in house fires, searching out missed stitches, underlining with my eyes.
There is an idea of travel, of the loss of oneself, of the potential to transform and all of its consequences.
There is an idea of growth with the certain sense of decay, from all sides. There is a disgust and
devotion for the seed that sprouts without any will or imagination to do so, for the people who built
their houses without knowing how, for the decaying tools in the barn. There is a struggle as to how to
accept this, how to find a way to express all of this, and how to keep moving forward.

Take a look: Adam Grinovich

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