Montag, 29. November 2010

Schmuck-Mensch(en) des Tages


Formula A5
An artist plus an artist plus an artist gives a total of 3 artists.
The whole is more than the sum of its parts (Aristotle).
An artist times an artist times an artist gives a total of 1 artist.
The things we cannot measure matter the most in life.
Karen Pont
A5 is a platform for discussion insofar as every project is designed to cultivate the possibility to freely exchange ideas. It is through dialogue and conversation that A5 expands its territory. Since the groups’ onset, A5 has made a specific effort to find new connections between the body, material, and the relation of persons to jewelery.

Who we are: Romina Fuentes, Annika Pettersson, Adam Grinovich
What we do: Each member of (A5) has his or her own goals as an artist and as an individual. (A5) was created when we as a group realized that many of our themes and working processes had an overlap. (A5) was also established to have a safe place for a group of people to experiment free of judgment, in order to develop both collectively and individually
Our interests: (A5) is interested in the world of contemporary jewelry. Together we are specifically interested in the body and its flexible role in the world of adornment. (A5) is a public collective, in the matter that we like to exhibit as much as possible, and become visible to a variety of audiences.
Who we work with: Another main goal of (A5) is to work with as many individuals and groups from as many different backgrounds as possible. Collaborations are a main focus, even visible in the (A5) name, leaving the equation open to be completed by some outside element
(A5) is: A never-ending roundtable discussion. A safety net. A set of armor useful when approaching hostile circumstances. A set of friends sharing drinks on a Saturday night. A research project. A bonfire with sparks spilling everywhere. An active viewer and participant in the world as it stands right now
(A5) is not: A salesman. A marketing research firm. A game that could be won or lost. A popularity contest. A frustrated reaction. A reasonable, logical plan.

Und jetzt ein paar Fotos dazu:


So gut, dass ich am liebsten gleich mitmachen würde. Urgh.
Checkt: und Art Slant-Piano Forte

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