Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

Gui Gui Kohon

The image of an open pit mine reflects an artist’s “extractive” activities. Digging of that hole in the ground has revealed, layer by layer, each geological age. It is a metaphor of the creative act, the process of giving birth, unveiling what is hidden, the introspective process inherent to art. But it is also the image of a wound; the fracture between man and Mother Earth; the conflict of modern man and technology, created by him in order to survive, and the threat of his own destructive capacity.

The 100 brooches-medals, filled with waste from the matter that is left after creating the pieces of jewelry, make a transgressive statement. Their serial reproduction deactivates the concept of uniqueness and, therefore, questions the social role of pieces of jewelry as amplifiers of identities. Dust becomes an image of fragmentation, dissolution and homogenization of shared identities in crisis, in a world which is on the verge of self-destruction. Their appearance of brooches-lockets re-connects us to a dark, shared origin within the womb of the earth, which may help us redeem and protect ourselves, as the ancient charms of primitive men when they believed in the need to restore the balance with their environment, broken by their hunting and food collection activities.
Ramon Puig Cuyàs, May 2010.

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