Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Beatrice Brovia

 Truth is, every clean cut brings along the unavoidableness of death.
A part of us, be it a stage our body or psyche is in, has to perish.
If I grow up – which I’d better do! – there is, on one side the celebration
for an important passage being achieved and on the other, the death of the child I used to be.
To linger in childhood would be no solution either as I would be condemned
to being dependent on many limitations, my fears above all.
My work is about initiation and being shaped into individuals.
Each action (de)forms pure matter, tabulae rasae.
I see the whole artistic process as a struggle; something liminal, constantly in
a stage of becoming and therefore hard to grasp or to perceive as finished.
The body of work itself is the tool I developed to open up further questions,
rather than to find answers.

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