Montag, 21. Februar 2011

Schmuck-Mensch des Tages

Beth Legg

"My jewellery pieces explore the sense of place through the embedded object and memory. The remote environment I come from in the far north coast of Scotland from has strongly influenced the work I produce. I have always been fascinated by the hinterlands and quiet edges of places – a bleak remoteness which can be both beautiful and melancholic.
I like to think of the body as a landscape – the jewellery pieces are transformed when worn and the wearer appropriates the narrative of the landscape and forms their own associations through the piece. Away from the wearer I would like my work to take on the character of still lives through a contemplative and sensitive interpretation of the sense of place. I tend to work instinctively with materials rather than contriving designs beforehand. I enjoy the labour of traditional hand tool methods – forming a dialogue with materials through the exploration of their innate qualities and discovering their inherent possibilities. I find this process of designing through making both intellectually and emotionally satisfying.
My work can be seen as a moving dialogue – each piece an exploration of composing elements encompassing themes of landscape and memory, ultimately reflecting the often bleak and fragile nature of the environment I come from."

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