Montag, 7. März 2011

Schmuck-Mensch des Tages

Sara Borgegard

“My main source of inspiration for this project is painted metal, machinery and houses.
I use materials that might be thought of as useless in the world of traditional jewellery.
Both wood and iron are found in the history of jewellery but what I use is scrap wood and
industrial iron sheet. I use a coloured surface on my materials because I am fascinated by
paint used as protection and a covering, decorative layer. The colour highlights the surface
at the same time as it is covering it. The applied colour is a layer of paint sometimes a bit
worn off, which puts the object in the perspective of time and shows an active decision.
My decision on how I want it to be. I adjust the object until it matches the image I have
in my mind.
Jewellery is always constructed. Applied on the body. It is either made up by construction
or through a decision to designate an object as jewellery. Jewellery can be decorative, it usually is,
but it is never only decoration, it also tells a story.
Almost everything in the urban environment that surrounds me is constructed, arranged.
Things that I take for granted, things that have become natural to me. It is as if objects and
spaces around me have always been there, but they are artificial. Applied. Even the landscapes
are arranged. Buildings are placed like jewellery in the landscapes.”
I construct, I arrange.

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