Samstag, 5. März 2011

Schmuck-Mensch des Tages

Pia Aleborg

"Starting point in this series of necklaces has been the typical Swedish suburb. I have observed its general shapes and colors but above all its specific details: repairs in the asphalt, leaves lying on garden lawns, wooden sticks dropped on sidewalks, and how public pavements turn into private gardens – the “constructed nature” of the suburb.
Even if someone has sought to tidy it all up, it usually looks a bit sad and neglected. One gets the impression that somebody has tried to just “fix it up” without thinking about the result, since no one really notices anyway. But I have seen it, and I find in these immediate and non-pretentious expressions qualities that I want to work with – qualities that I find to be both funny and liberating but also very honest and true.
When making these pieces, I have worked much like an asphalt worker myself: quickly, methodologically and intuitively without the ambition to perfect every aspect of the process. But at times I have also added some nice colors, almost as a housewife planting pink perennials in her garden..."

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