Freitag, 4. März 2011

Sky Project

Elisa Solinas,  London
Jenni Erkintalo, Helsinki
Jenn Julian,  Berlin
Joe Leavenworth,  Brooklyn
Kazue Hamada,  Kagoshima
Maki Igarashi,  Kawasaki
Mitsuho Ogawa, Tokyo
Nick Chow,  New York
Saralyn Rosenfield,  Philadelphia
Shahar Feinberg,  Middlebury
Yukiko Kita,  Tokyo
Zack Genin,  Baltimore
Abigail Uhteg,  New York
Aiko Suezawa,  Osaka
Beatrice Brovia,  Ravenstein

"The world you see is not the only world that exists. The "now" you see is different from the "now" of another person.
I have asked my friends and their friends to take a photo of the sky, one thing that is connected everywhere, at the
exact same moment: September 7, 2008 at 22:00 GMT. We were all looking at the same thing at the same time,
but all look different."

Viele Fotos, viele Orte, ein Zeitpunkt. Heute das Sky-Project. Checkt:

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